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The Ultimate Galvo Laser Upgrade

The Maxce IndexX is the most flexible automation attachment for galvo laser marking and engraving. Increase productivity, increase capacity and reduce part changeovers with the IndexX.

Designed for galvo lasers

Unlike other linear tables, the IndexX flips traditional moving table design on it’s head. Using a fixed-bearing moving-rail precision guide setup, the IndexX keeps the laser in focus for the full range of movement.

Flexibility at the core

Fast setup, ease of use, maximum product flexibility. The low profile, large work area table offers an array of fixture mounting holes and an adjustable guide rule for flexible product positioning. Take rapid product setup one step further with the MultiSet guide option.

Built for production

Constructed with a machined aluminium frame, rigid large capacity workplate, precision Hiwin linear carriages, enclosed motor, and no moving cables. The IndexX is built solid for a long life of smooth operation.
With the IndexX you can batch multiple parts, queue fixtures, use larger jigs, process longer parts, or even shuttle end-to-end for continuous operation.


Smooth and repeatable positioning accurate to ±0.03mm


Large capacity. Symmetrical design. Right or Left side origin. Front or Back side guide positions.


Automatic part indexing. Increase productivity. Reduce idle time. Reduce machine tending.

Online Setup & Training Videos

Get your IndexX up and running with our free training and application videos. See our Support page or subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates, install guides, software setup and operating tips, plus a great range of example applications and success stories.

IndexX Features

The great benefits you get when buying the IndexX

Affordable Automation

Automate laser marking with the IndexX. Automatic part feeding, batch laser marking, and continuous production. The IndexX means reduced machine tending and faster jobs with less idle time.


Stepper motor based hardware compatible with laser controllers with external axis capability (e.g. rotary) and other motion controllers. Operates directly from laser software such as Ezcad2, Ezcad3 and LightBurn Galvo.


We are here to help. Our online installation, configuration and training videos are available to guide the setup of the IndexX with various laser systems and software. Our engineering support and laser specialists are ready to assist.

Attachable Production

Weighing just 15kg, and with four bolt installation and plugged cables, the IndexX can be quickly attached for repetitive laser marking jobs and removed as needed.

Flexible Fixturing

Featuring 148 mounting holes and an included straight guide, the IndexX platform can be used to mount large fixtures, queues of smaller jigs, or process long parts. The optional MultiSet guide adds even more versatility with sliding t-slot adjustment and multiple easy setup part location features.

Professionally Engineered

Designed from the ground-up for flexible, easy-to-use, professional level laser marking automation. The IndexX features an enclosed center drive motor system, fixed bearing design, simple attachability, and flexible part fixturing. Built with quality components including genuine Hiwin guideways, heavy duty in-built limit switches, and a machined aluminium frame, platform and guides.

Revolutionary features

With it’s unique patent-pending design, the Maxce IndexX offers a range of features that make it the most flexible production table attachment for galvo laser marking on the market.


The ultimate moving linear platform attachment for flexible galvo laser marking automation.